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Commission Ballot

The Commission has created a new, online ballot for the election of Commissioners. The following are the steps necessary to complete and submit your ballot. Please note that only one vote is permitted per MSCHE-accredited institution. All votes must be cast no later than October 18th.

  1. Please disable all popup blockers and enable JavaScript in your Internet browser.

2.   Note that fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory.

3.   To begin completing the ballot, click on the “Ballot” tab.

  • There are 10 available positions on the Commission and 10 nominees on the ballot. You must cast a vote pertaining to each of these nominees. Your vote must be one of the following:  Accept, Reject, Reject with Write-in, or Abstain. If you click on Reject with Write-in, you must enter a write-in nominee.
  • Write-in data are saved when the “Save Ballot” button is clicked from the “Write-in Add/Edit” popup window.
  • Click on the Save button to save your votes. Your votes are automatically saved when you click on the Biographies tab or when you click on the Print icon. You must save the data before you close your Internet browser or navigate to another website location, or your unsaved data will be lost. We recommend that you save your data every 30 minutes. Otherwise, the Internet session will time out and you will lose any changes that were made since the last save.
  • Click on the "Submit Ballot" button to submit your completed ballot to the MSCHE. You receive an Alert message if you did not cast a vote for all nominees or your ballot has erroroneous data. Note: the number of nominees on the ballot with the vote "Reject with Write-in" must equal the number of "Write-In" nominees and the number of nominees on the ballot with the vote "Reject with Write-in" and "Public Member" = "Yes" must equal the number of "Write-In" nominees with "Public Member" = "Yes". You will receive an email acknowledging that your ballot has been successfully submitted. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive the email.
  • A "Public Member" is a person who is not
  1. an employee, member of the governing board, owner, or shareholder of, or consultant to, an institution or program that either is accredited by the agency or has applied for accreditation;
  2. a member of any trade association or membership organization related to, affiliated with, or associated with the accrediting agency; or
  3. a spouse, parent, child, or sibling of an individual identified in paragraph 1. or 2. of this definition.

For technical assistance, contact us at support@msche.org.