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How to Become a Peer Evaluator

Current evaluators- click here to update your Evaluator Data Form.

New/prospective evaluators- please read the information below. 



The Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) is always seeking professionals who would like to serve as peer evaluators. Peer evaluators serve in a number of different roles and are at the core of the Commission's accreditation efforts. We seek experienced professionals from across higher education to volunteer their time and expertise.

Why volunteer as a peer evaluator?

Serving as a peer evaluator for MSCHE benefits you as a professional as well as your institution. It is an extraordinary professional development opportunity as you work alongside colleagues from different institutions and backgrounds. You and the other members of the team will be asked to carefully study the documents provided to you by the institution to be visited, and you will be asked to make careful judgments about the institution in relation to the accreditation standards outlined in MSCHE's Standards for Accreditation and Requirements of Affiliation This prepares you and your own institution for your future interactions with the accreditation process and usually provides you with a new set of professional colleagues that you may never have met if not for this experience. Finally, you become a key element in maintaining a long history of peer evaluation as an important part of the accreditation process.


How do I volunteer?

To volunteer as a peer evaluator, you must request login credentials to the Commission's portal, My MSCHE. Click here to request login credentials. Once you are sent your login credentials, please follow the instructions to open and complete the Evaluator Data Form (EDF). Please read the instructions carefully and complete the entire EDF.

What happens after I volunteer?

After you complete the Evaluator Data Form, your submission will be reviewed by Commission staff. The staff is responsible for assigning team members for teams that visit institutions. Teams are built based on a number of key characteristics and you may or may not be selected right away. However, the staff makes every effort to bring new volunteers into the process as soon as possible. New peer evaluators will be expected to attend training before participating on a team. Once peer evaluators have had the experience of being on visiting teams, other opportunities may become available, including serving as Periodic Review Report reviewers, members of follow up visit teams, etc. It is important that those who are interested in continuing to serve as peer evaluators keep their records up to date in the Commission database by logging into My MSCHE and making any changes. If you are interested in reading more about MSCHE and how the accreditation process works, please go to the MSCHE Policies Index.

Having Difficulties?

If you encounter any problems accessing or completing the Evaluator Data Form, please contact either:
* support@msche.org (215-662-5605); or
*Erika Swain, Director for Training  eswain@msche.org   (267-284-5019).

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